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Reading to a dog improves children's self-confidence, literacy and public speaking skills.

Spending time with a dog companion can help reduce stress and anxiety, and combining it with reading can be great fun!

DOGTALE is the place to find fun and educational activities related for reading and spending time with your furry friends!

At home, at a library, in a classroom, and in therapy session – just grab your dog and let us take care of the rest...

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DogTale Book of the Month

Dogs can teach us so much about true love and expressing feelings.
Merav Gamliel Boschan introduces you to one of the happiest and lovely dogs of all time - Mozzi. The first book of Kids Rhyme Series "Mozzi Presents: Values for a Good Life" is all that is required to let your kids adopt excellent manners at an early age.
Mozzi lives in a village where he is surrounded by his human friends, nature, and love. Your kids will be delighted by Mozzi’s sweet personality, the rhymes, and the colorful illustrations, while at the same time, they’ll absorb wonderful values for life, like love, family, responsibility, patience, courage, acceptance, giving, and compassion …

It's a fantastic book for children to not only learn how wonderful and valuable it can be to have pets in our lives but to learn about the importance of friendship, trust, and respect.


You can find the book on Amazon both paperback and kindle edition.

More books you can find at Mozzi's website.



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meet the team

Dr. Tsippy Lotan

Expert in Operations Research and HCI, Co-founder of Kelevavy Project, operations research.

Dr. Orit Hirsch-Matsioulas

Anthropologist of Human-Animal Relationships, Tel Aviv University.

Aleksandr Sinitca

Technical Lead,  Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg, Russia.

Prof. Anna Zamansky

Head of Tech4Animals Lab,
Information Systems Department, University of Haifa.

Kira Ablamunits

Web Development Team Leader, Tech4Animals Lab, University of Haifa.

Prof. Dmitry Kaplun

Project Manager, Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg, Russia.

Daphna Golan-Shemesh

Social Worker, Director of "Beit HaShemesh" Retirement Home, Canine Assisted Therapy Expert, Co-founder of Kelevavy Project.

Michal Dykan

Literacy Skills Expert.

Yana Zadorozhnaya

Canine-assisted therapist, director of "Dogs for Life" Project, St. Petersburg, Russia

Meirav Boschan Gamliel

Children's books author and Dog Trainer based on Force Free approach.

Tamar Brilant

HCI Expert, PhD Student,University of Haifa.

Elena Mirer

Psychologist, canine-assisted therapist, "Dogs for Life" Project, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ayelet Litan

Canine-assisted therapist.

Hili Megory

Product design director and lecturer.

Victoria Galiguzova

Psychologist, canine-assisted therapist, "Dogs for Life" Project, St. Petersburg, Russia



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